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Fanshawe College


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WebAdvisor | Fanshawe College


Using WebAdvisor, you can: View the status of your application to a Fanshawe College program. Check for any outstanding requirements for your application (such as transcripts) Confirm your position on a program waitlist. View your outstanding fee balance and make fee payments.

Fanshawe College


WebAdvisor gives students, staff, and the community access to our databases. Select your point of entry to the right. Guests.

WebAdvisor COMM CODES | Fanshawe College


Fanshawe College. 1001 Fanshawe College Blvd. London, Ontario Canada N5Y 5R6. T: 519-452-4430 Contact & Locations >

Fanshawe College — Mistyped URL?


Did you mean: http://webadvisor.fanshawec.ca/? You should be automatically redirected in 5 seconds. If not, click the link provided above. Please update your …

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Windows 11 / New MacBook Models. Please note that certain Fanshawe College Programs do not support Windows 11 or newer MacBook Models. Please …

WebAdvisor FAQ | Fanshawe College


Your WebAdvisor User Name is the same as your Fanshawe User Name. At Fanshawe College this is normally the combination of your first initial, an underscore and your last name, with a maximum of 20 characters. For example, a student named …

WebAdvisor COMM CODES | Fanshawe College


Please contact the Fanshawe College Test Centre to arrange a time to write the HOAE at 519-452-4430 ext. 4947 or by email to [email protected] This test will cost $50.00 and can only be written once for the 2015-16 admission cycle.

webadvisor – Fanshawe CONNECTED


The IT Service desk can only communicate with account holders and cannot communicate with their representatives (i.e. parents or relatives). We can only disclose information to the account holder in person or over the phone.

Fanshawe College — Mistyped URL?


Did you mean: http://www.webadvisor.fanshawec.ca/? You should be automatically redirected in 5 seconds. If not, click the link provided above. Please update your …


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