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Coding & Excerpting Userguide | Dedoose

Modify the codes applied to the excerpt—remove or add codes/tags—and/or modify the assigned weights/ratings Delete the excerpt, by clicking ‘Delete Excerpt’ in the footer Review the excerpt in the context of its source document by clicking the ‘View in …

Deleting Items in Dedoose – YouTube

25/07/2019 · Learn how to delete media, excerpts, descriptors, codes, and projects while avoiding pitfalls with this tutorial!

Deleting multiple codes? : Dedoose

dedooseteam. · 7y. Unfortunately, you will need to delete each code individually. The program is designed this way to prevent accidental deletion of information. We will discuss a change here for later development. -The Team. 1. level 2. even_of_the_hour.

Dedoose Training Material s – Home – IMMR

14/09/2019 · → Codes can be deleted from the excerpt by clicking the ‘X’ next to the code in the ‘Selection Info’ panel → Code and Tag terms are used interchangeably (identical meaning) in …

Help- Excerpts deleted! : Dedoose

Before this happened, Dedoose seemed to be acting weird- I was trying to clean up a file and delete some things that were double coded and it would not let me delete a code or an excerpt. So I shut it down and restarted, and then all of my files had 0 excerpts. Help is greatly appreciated!! 14 comments. 84% Upvoted.

FAQs – Resources | Dedoose

To reset your password, make sure that you have access to the email account linked to your Dedoose account. If you do not, please contact our support team at [email protected] for help resetting the password. Click the ‘Forgot Password’ button on the bottom of the Login page.

Chapter 4 & 5 – Data Preparation & Getting Started (Dedoose)

While in excerpt editing mode, codes can be deleted by clicking the ‘x’ next to any code that was applied and the entire excerpt can be deleted by clicking the ‘x’ next to the excerpt icon. Clicking anywhere else in the document will cause you to exit editing mode and you can re-enter editing mode by clicking on the bracket that marks the boundary.

“How Do I Share My Project with a New User in Dedoose …

Standard Assistant with Full Document and Descriptor Privileges – User may create, edit and delete privileges for media, fields and descriptors. May only gain access to codes and edit and excerpts they self-create. Standard Assistant with Descriptor Privileges – May view all , media and excerpts, and create or these items. May view, edit and …

How to Remove Shortcodes from Excerpt & Content in …

To remove these shortcodes from excerpt text, all you need to do is just copy the below code and add it into your theme’s functions.php file. // Remove Shortcodes from excerpt function diwp__shortcode_($content) { $content = strip_shortcodes( $content ); return $content; } add_filter(‘the_’, ‘diwp__shortcode_’);

php – Remove 3 dots from the end of excerpt in wordpress …

16/06/2016 · Is there something I’m missing? I’m sure this could be done in shorter code, but I choose the quick way. Best, Kenn . A work-around: Fixed it with the easiest solution without changing the theme-function.php and the way it change the to show three dots if wordcount has been given. In the widget, the used for displaying the content is:


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