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Gray Investigations: MacDonagh Case

The Gray Investigations Desktop requires javascript. Gray Investigations: MacDonagh Case

How to get on to Deviant Tracker with Box 1? : huntakiller

I’m stuck. I clicked on Deviant Tracker and cannot find or identify either the user name or the password. I looked through the material in box 1 …

Username for Deviant Tracker : huntakiller

Username for Deviant Tracker. We went on vacation and brought our box for episode 3. The PI letter has passwords for this episode, but not the username! Unfortunately it has been 2 months since playing our last episode and we don’t have any photos of the PI letter with the username. Can anybody help us out??

Gray Investigations

Gray Investigations

HM 5.6 Websites :: Hunt a Killer Investigation

DeviantTracker. Username: grayinvestigations. Password: foghorn1212. Audio Anemone. Password: BRL071. Even with headphones, buds in both ears, and volume all the way up, it is very hard to decipher the audio in the clips.

Gray Investigations: Moon Summit Case

The Gray Investigations Desktop requires javascript. Gray Investigations: Moon Summit Case

DTS Login

DTS Login. Username. Username cannot be blank. Password. Password cannot be blank. Remember me on this computer.

Gray Investigations

Gray Investigations

Gray’s Shared Desktop From Episode One

The Private Investigators letter gave us a website and password for a shared desktop for us that will help us in our investigation. There are several things on this website including a folder for Spotify with a playlist of songs, a folder of “To Organise” items, a Plan of Action, Evidence Checklist, Gin Recipes, and a .

HM 6.2 Websites :: Hunt a Killer Investigation

Password: PHTM76 . DeviantTracker Gallery . We can catch a person on the infrared views. 10:15 pm on F15 ; 10:30 pm on F26 ; 10:45 pm on I30 ; Michelle has uploaded photos of the camp trails, with 3 views: default, night vision, and infrared.


This Is How You Can Easily Get To The Devianttracker And take advantage of the features that Devianttracker page provides on their portal. Please let us know if you have any trouble with the process or anything else in the comments section.

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